Consortium & Collaborations

The PImMS consortium is made up of those research groups who are actively involved in the development of the PImMS sensor and the software used to control the camera and analyse any obtained data.

There are also a number of collaborators with whom members of the consortium work on various applications using the PImMS camera. A list of some of these collaborators can be found at the bottom of this page.

Consortium PIs

Richard Nickerson University of Oxford - Physics
Mark Brouard University of Oxford - Chemistry
Claire Vallance University of Oxford - Chemistry
Renato Turchetta Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - CMOS Sensors Design

Consortium Members

Andrei Nomerotski Brookhaven National Laboratory
Michael White Brookhaven National Laboratory
Mike Ashfold University of Bristol
Andrew Orr-Ewing University of Bristol
Michael Burt University of Oxford - Chemistry
Stuart Mackenzie University of Oxford - Chemistry


Henrik Stapelfeldt Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
At the Femtolab, PImMS is being used to monitor the motion of molecules. An example of the work done can be found here, and there are a number of published papers which can be found on our publications page.


Daniel Pooley Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
At the ISIS pulsed source a gadolinium coated PImMS sensor is being used for time-resolved neutron imaging and tomography experiments. Early results can be found in a recent Perspective article.


Raimund Feifel University of Gothenburg, Sweden
John Eland University of Oxford, UK
A collaboration between the University of Oxford and the University of Gothenburg is researching applications of the PImMS camera in the dynamics of x-ray induced molecular dissociation.


Daniel Rolles Kansas State University
Artem Rudenko Kansas State University
Rebecca Boll Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
Tatiana Marchenko UPMC Universite Paris 06
The PImMS 1 and PImMS 2 sensors have been incorporated into Coulomb explosion imaging and reaction dynamics experiments at the FLASH free electron laser (Hamburg, Germany).