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Fast Scintillators

Direct Ion Detection
A comparison between LYSO and the new scintillator for direct ion detection
Time of flight spectra taken with an MPPC on a VMI setup comparing using a LYSO crystal and the new scintillator.

Direct ion detection

The new high efficient scintillator can be applied for direct ion detection. By depositing the scintillation material directly onto a Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) or a Multi Pixel Photon Counter (MPPC), high resolution time of flight spectra can be measured.

Ions impact directly onto the scintillator, which results in an emission of photons. The efficient conversion of kinetic energy into light, allows the MPPC sensor to collect time of flight spectra which are time wise only limited by the resolution of the scintillator.

This technology allows us to perform ToF mass spectrometry without the use of expensive MCP detectors. A further advantage is that the detector is operated without the applying an electric field. This allows using it under non high vacuum conditions.

SPAD-PImMS detector

By combining the single photon capability of the direct ion detection with the PImMS technology, coming sensors will be capable to detect ion images with sub ns resolution without the use of MCPs.