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Fast Scintillators

Fast scintillator ion image
Ion images of the photodissociation of OCS taken with a commercial P47 detector and the new scintillator.

Ion Imaging applications, like microscope mode imaging mass spectrometry, require fast detection systems. A conventional detector consists of a chevron MCP set and a P47 phosphorscreen. So far, the absolute time resolution of this assembly was limited by the decay time of the P47 screen (100 ns down to 10%).

By employing a newly developed scintillator the time resolution can be reduced to 4 ns (FWHM) for the light emission. The detector is fully vacuum compatible and shows in comparison to a commercial device a high spatial resolution. Applied MCP voltages can be reduced significantly due to a 1.8x higher light output in comparison to P47.

By combining this detector with the PImMS camera any limitations caused by the detector are removed.

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